EZ Viewer 3 Photo Software

EZ Viewer 3 is the most complete photo editor - manager software for viewing, printing, editing, enhancing, managing, and enjoying your photos.

EZ Viewer 3 opens and converts over 30 formats including jpeg, tiff, tif, psd, bmp, png, multi page tif, and gif files for viewing and editing.
EZ Viewer 3 is a photo management program that has great editing features like cloning, red eye reduction and a really great method for brightening a photo.
So if you are looking for a photo manager program to make your life easier then download EZ Viewer 3 today.

for Windows ® 98, 98se, Me, 2000, XP Home / Pro

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...changing the way you work with your pictures

Single Image Viewing:
Use explorer directory or thumbnails to access an image. Zoom in or out unlimited with left or right click of mouse in usable increments. Rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise. View in default Fit-to-Page modes or actual size. Single click anywhere on image to toggle back and forth between full-screen mode and normal mode.
photo software
Multiple Image Viewing:
The unique Multi View mode of allowing any 2 to 25 images to be viewed at any one time. Great for comparing images. You can use the Explorer Directory to populate cells with images. Do this by double-clicking an image file name or single-clicking an image file name and arrowing up or down in the directory file list. You can also drag images from the Thumbnail Window (shown below) into the cells.

View Multiple Images

Thumbnail Viewing:
Use explorer directory or thumbs to access an image. Zoom in or out unlimited with left or right click of mouse in usable increments. Rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise. View in default Fit-to-Page modes or actual size. Single click anywhere on image to toggle back and forth between full-screen mode and normal mode.


fast thumbs

Color Control:
Convert to Grayscale(B W) or reduce Color Bit Depth for saving to .gif format. The RGB Color Balance Window shown here can control colors and brightness levels according to shadows, midtones, and highlights.

photo editor color levels

Crop with or without Aspect Control in real units:
Simply drag the bounding box around the cropping area. Tweak crop by dragging any edge of the bounding box or by adjusting units in the adjustment boxes.

photo editor cropping

Easily resize an image in percentage or units:
You can maintain the pixel count of an image while image resolution is recomputed automatically or let the pixel count change, keeping resolution the same. If you chose to resample when changing image pixel size, an improved BiCubic algorithm, plus the high quality Lanczos 3 algorithm, is now available for a choice of seven algorithms for resampling.

photo editor resample images

Cloning lets you take one part of an image and paste it into another portion of an image in a controlled manner. Many different uses from fixing scratches, tears, or even removing objects. Compare the before-and-after images below (Hint: There's something missing in the right-hand photo). For a more detailed description of cloning, consult the downloadable guide in PDF format. The link is under the "Support" drop-down menu selections of the website.

powerful image cloning

photo editor cloning

Air Brush and Manual Red-Eye Reduction:
These tools allow you to effectively "paint out" red in eyes with colors sampled from the eye itself. This tool also serves as a free-hand air brush paint tool. Shown here is a red eye corrected manually. We also have great Quick Red-Eye Reduction Tool. Our update page contains links to documentation and a video for more on the Quick-Eye Reduction Tool.
photo red eye correction
photo red eye reduction
Color Swap:
Color Swap provides a great way of changing backgrounds when used in conjunction with the Print-to-File feature. You choose a replacing color, then sample the color to be replaced. Pick a brush size and a tolerance, then watch the results. When the background has been completely masked out, mark the replacing color as transparent. Then use Print-to-File to make a new background and the masked image one new file. We should add that Print-to-File lets you save up to 25 images as one file with a selectable background. Perfect for making your Multi Views into one saved file.

photo color swap editor

color swap editing tool

Single Image Printing:
Choose print and the Print Options Dialog Box appears. Then click "Print Preview" to see a real-time preview. Change the size of picture in Print Preview without having to edit the actual file. Position the image anywhere in the printable area of the paper. Add titles and captions.

photo printing

Multi View Printing:
First view your photos in any 2 to 25 image Multi View template, then click Print. Options then appear to change top, bottom, left, right, and gutter margins on the sheet. You can size each image to EXACT sizes with many popular sizes available as presets (6" x 4", etc.) relative to available space on the sheet. If you like, add a page title or add captions to any or all images.

multiple photos printed on a single page

Thumbnail View Printing:
Click on the button "Show Thumbnail Print List". Then alongside the thumbnails, a file list appears. Simply drag images from the Thumbnail Window into the File List. Or click the button "Add All Files to Print List". Choose your layout up to 8 columns and 8 rows, 64 pictures per page maximum. Additional pictures show on additional pages. The chosen layout dictates the sizes of the thumbnails. For example, in a 4 column by 4 row layout, each page is divided into 16 equal sized cells containing thumbnails that fill the entire page. More cells mean smaller thumbs, fewer cells mean larger thumbs. Caption thumbs with file names and title page with directory path or custom title.

contact sheet printing

Convert single image files:
EZ Viewer 3 writes in 19 formats and reads 24 formats including .bmp,.jpg,.gif,.psd,.tif,.pcd., and others. File compression available in TIFF and JPEG formats.

convert image formats

Batch Process:
to rename, resize, rotate, crop, color depth change, and file format convert an entire folder of images.

batch processing of photos

Fast Folders:
Set special folder buttons for fast access to those image folders often used, and set special copy/move buttons for copying/moving a current image to set locations. Plus....the Explorer Window in EZ Viewer 3 lets you drag-and-drop to/from Windows Explorer and displays all Windows right-click context menus.
quick folder access
Twain Compliant Scanning:
Scan right into the EZ Viewer viewer window: A custom dialog window will appear according to the model scanner you are using. Then you can view, edit, and/or save the image.
TWAIN compliant scanning
Add Special Effects:
such as Line Drawing, Oil Paint, Curl Page, Sepia Tone, and more.

photo editor sepia tone

Slide Shows:
Make a Slideshow from any folder of images. Slideshow can display images in the viewing window or full-size them to fit the entire display.
phot slide shows
Play MIDI sound or MP3 Files with built-in players. The mp3 player (shown left) has a Graphic EQ to play .mp3 sound files. Both media players can be triggered in Screenshow options to start playing a sound file at the same time a Slideshow starts.
play mp3 files